42nd Perth & Kinross (Muthill) Scout Group

Scottish Charity No SC040718

Personal Equipment List (Weekend)

The following is a basic Kit List for Weekend Camps that your son/daughter should have. Items should be packed in a large rucksack or bag (50-70 litre). Don't attach items to the outside of the rucksack (use 2 bags if you have to) A wet sleeping bag = a miserable night.

It is recommended that a plastic rucksack liner is used. A heavy duty bin bag will do the job.

Camping in cold weather –Keeping warm at night relies on warm air circulating round the sleeping bag therefore normal night clothes should be worn inside the sleeping bag. A three season sleeping bag with a fleece sleeping bag liner should be sufficiently warm. Or two sleeping bags one inside the other. A camping mat is also essential to prevent heat loss from below. Wearing a hat will reduce heat loss from the head. Hat gloves and a warm jacket and trousers are required for during the day.


Uniform (to be worn to and from camp)

Sleeping Bag (2 or 3 season) ESSENTIAL 

Camping Mat (foam rollmat or Thermarest type. Not airbed) ESSENTIAL


Knife / Fork / Spoon

Bowl / Plate / Mug (unbreakable i.e. NOT glass or china)

Dish Towel

Suitable Water Bottle (one that won’t leak)


Personal First Aid Kit - incl. Plasters & antiseptic wipes.

Sunscreen and Midge Repellent (in season)

Washing Kit & Towel


Boots or Stout Shoes

Waterproofs - Jacket & Trousers

Warm jacket / Jumper

Long trousers / Shorts

Changes of underwear + 1 spare

Changes of socks + spare

T shirts


Pencil & Paper

Torch - & spare batteries (head torch would be ideal)

Black Plastic bag for soiled clothes / shoes

Old newspaper (for fire lighting)

Wristwatch (for knowing when to get up, navigation and for timing the tatties etc)

All items should be marked with the owner’s name or initials.

Please note that electronic games etc should not be brought to camp as there is a risk of loss or damage